The Crawler

Translucent has finaly finished his CableBot! He’s successfully tested it with the 50 latest Leaks taken from the Wikileaks API at You can see the converted cables here: Special:Contributions/CableBot We’re planning on converting close to 2000 cables tomorrow if everything looks fine.

The Cablebot is currently in Beta 0.5 The source code can be found here:

CableBot takes cables from the feeds at and makes wikicode out of them. It adds categories by searching for country names in the body, using the cable tags as well as origin, classification, and year. You can also try it yourself: Go to

How to use Cablebot:

CableBot needs arguments to do stuff. So if you want to convert the Cable 07MADRID2129, type

You can process several Cables at once, just seperate the ID’s with pipes:

?id=07MADRID2129 | 07MADRID2129 | 07MADRID2129

If you wanna grab the latest ones do this:


If you want to make it only do a test run and not save to the wiki add this:


Note: This is only a beta! So please convert only a few cables at once and check them afterwards! If you experience problems or find improvements, please report them on the CableBot user page:

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    Connecting to the other Leakspin Projects

    There are many other small projects going on right now, but there’s very little cooperation between them, alltough many things overleep. It would be a good thing if we’d try to convince some to contribute to this project, or to create a central database, where everyone can assemble their content.

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    The Revision Cycle

    We’ve implemented an extension that allows us to flag new articles by their quality. It basically divides the contributors into 3 groups, Writers, Reviewers and Validators. Writers write new articles, Reviewers rate the articles and Validators affirm the Reviews (pls correct me if I got anything wrong here). So the task ahead would be first to find volunteers for reviewing/validating and second to review and validate all the current articles since they’re all flagged with “There are no reviewed revisions of this page, so it may not have been checked for quality” right now.

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    Cognitive surplus will change the world

    Brilliant TED Talk by Clay Shirky, showing how projects like this will change our society.

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    Facebook Group / Updates

    hello @ all!

    First, I’ve created a new CableWiki Group on facebook. It’s supposed to replace the Talk:Main Page and emailing, at least untill I’ve set up our own IRC channel. So please add me on facebook (Jay-P Giesel) and I’ll send you an invite. An official FB page will follow soon.

    So, some updates on latest/future progress:

    • We’ve implemented a tag or category option. Articles can now be categorized by origin, content, etc. Example:


    [[Category:Embassy Rangoon]]

    [[Category:North Korea]]



    [[Category:Partial Extracts]]

    • We’re currently working on a php script that “translates” the original cables from html into a Wiki-compatible xml file. That way we could mass-import all the cables, with just minor corrections necessary. It would enable us to concentrate on the main goal which is to summarize, translate and analyze the cables. Any help on that would be greatly apreciated.
    • Hayop has created a french wordpress blog:    He’ll report on Operation Leakspin and CableWiki
    • I will also create an open facebook page. As daxa (Alexandre Girardot ) said, a fbk page is “more appropriate to creating a public information system about activities, needs, and promotion of cablekiki.”
    • I’ll improve the layout of It’s quite messed up right now, I’m thinking of adding a new blog/news tab, as Daxa suggested. All the PR stuff would go on here, and in another area there would be the community with chat. Third would be a help/instructions page.
    • As soon as our nice little php script works, we’ll try to upload a complete dump of english cables. Then we could for example concentrate on working on translations of one language for about a week or so. With the help of google translate this should be possible. After that we would start a mass promotion of CableWiki in those particular countries to make it more popular. The goal is that more non-english blogs/news sites cite us, which would in turn generate more views for us.

    Thats all for now. Any additions, suggestions, criticism?


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    Instructions Updated / Admins

    I’ve now updated the Instructions page (

    Now it gives a full overview about adding cables and the Wiki Handling.

    If there should remain any questions, feel free to ask us via email/twitter!

    Also, we’re anouncing some new members to the team:

    Chopy (german)

    Paul personne (french & english)

    Spartacus (spanish, catalan)

    Geräusch (german)

    Thanks to everyone for the support!

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    What is CableWiki?

    CableWiki is not just another mirror of Wikileaks.

    Our Goal is to summarize and translate the cables to make them available to a much broader audience. 90% of the cables are from/about non-english speaking countries. The cables are written in quite regular language, but no one is likely to read more that one complete cable in a foreign language if he doesn’t look for something specific.

    We also don’t want to be a competitor to the LeakSpin blogs that are popping up quite rapidly at the moment. This site should rather to be a place where all the summaries and translations that are scattered over all those blogs and news sites can be gathered and organized.

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